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About us:

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We do our best to provide information on this site regarding detox, or detoxification of your body.

Who are we?


I am Rishma, founder and admin of detoxtolive.com.

I have been having health issues all my live. In that time, I have been in and out of hospitals all over Holland and have seen more specialists then I care to remember. In the end I got diagnosed with Aspergers and Fibromyalgia. Of course the healthcare system can give you all kinds of diagnoses and usually the answer is, we can’t make you healthy, but we will give you medicine that might help you, they might have all kinds of side effects and you need to keep taking them for the rest of your life. I didn’t really feel much to sign up for that. I wanted to know what the underlying cause was and the regular healthcare system was not able to answer my questions.

So I went of on this quest of trying to find answers. And the more I started digging, the more questions I got. I did find some answers though. I started realizing that in all these so called western diseases, our immune system seemed to play a major role. Our bodies are under attack and in a lot of cases it is no longer able to defend itself.

That is where detox comes in, no matter what protocol I followed or follow, detoxing is always a factor. And it is not just the physical body that needs detoxing. The negative influences come from all sides, and they do not always show them selves clearly.


I started helping Rishma out setting up his website and I just now joined forces with Rishma to also help on the front end. Besides that, I will also be writing some of the blog posts and tell about my journey and experiences. I also have a long history of health related issues. In my teens I was a very energetic young boy. All of a sudden that came to a holt and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I had all these blood tests done, but these never revealed anything. I kind of excepted it as a fact of life, but at least once a year I was back at the doctor for another blood test. Long story short, A few years back I figured out I had Aspergers, late stage Lyme Disease and Hemopyrrollactamurie (HPU).

In the spring of 2014 I crashed and was out for some 3 months before I started to realize there was something like a world around me. I have been fighting to get more healthy ever since. Only now I am able to tell others about it and this website is the medium through which to do it. My experience is also one of disbelieve and lack of vision with regards to the current health care system.

I figured out that I know my body better then any doctor. That might sound strange, but think about it. We have been so trained to believe what the doctor says. The doctor knows, because he (or she) studied years to become a doctor. Unfortunately the said truth is that the health care system is hijacked by big pharma. Luckily there is always the internet. The internet gives us the power to get back our power and freedom.

So I am looking forward to share some of my knowledge with you all when it comes to detoxing, because, just like Rishma, I believe that whatever you do, whatever protocol you follow to get better, if you don’t detox, you will make it worse, not better.


For the record, we are not doctors. We are patients and we do our best to understand what we can do do to get healthy. The opinions expressed on this website are totally our own opinions based on our own experiences. We do not advice you to follow any protocol, wether detox or otherwise, on your own without the guidance of a health care practitioner who has experience with the procedure you want to follow. It is important to gather the knowledge about your own health and apply it wisely and safely.


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Detox has many facets, topics you can expect on this blog are:

healthy diet
healthy living
Healthy Eating Tips
colon cleanse
detoxify your body
lose weight naturally
away with constipation
better daily digestion
purify you system
time to detox
sometimes tired
fluid retention
low energy
bulging abdomen
irregular bowel movements
inconsistent stool
malabsorption of nutrients
accumulation of undigested food
accumulation of bacteria in the stomach
stomach cramps and bloating
burn fat and cleanse your body
more energy
weight loss
cleanse your body
natural ingredients
parasites in your gut

We work hard to put information on these issues together on this site and we hope you can appreciate the information on this site.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions please get in touch with us.
Kind regards,

Rishma, Robert and the Detox to Live team.