Can you beat cancer using Coconut Oil and Cannabis?

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cure cancer with coconut oil and cannabis - the Stan Rutner story

The story of Stan Rutner

The other day I came across the story of a man named Stan Rutner. He did what many people deemed impossible, He beat cancer.

Initially he was diagnosed with lymphoma and went through the prescribed medical treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. The treatment appeared to be working and for a decade he was cancer free.

The Cancer returned

Ten years after his cancer went into remission, it was now 2011, he got devastating news. Cancerous nodes showed up in his lungs and his brain.

Initially he went through he same treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. Besides that he also ventured into holistic healing hoping to have a fighting chance against this cancer.

He additionally needed to adopt a more comprehensive strategy to his treatment too, trusting that it may draw out his life if not through and through cure his growth.

Using Coconut oil and Cannabis Oil to beat Cancer

Stan and his family knew that cannabis was powerful against a few sorts of malignancy for some tumor patients.

Stan and his significant other, Barb, were interested in attempting therapeutic cannabis. His daughter and son in law did the exploration and chose that a cannabis infused with coconut oil was the correct approach for Stan.

When Stan started taking the coconut oil with the cannabis, he was very sick. He was on an oxygen tank every minute of every day and had lost a lot of weight. He experienced difficulty sleeping and didn’t have the energy for the normal everyday activities.

Within two weeks of taking the cannabis and coconut oil, he was off the oxygen tank, began putting on weight, and got himself ready to be able to sleep once more. After a year, scans of his brain found that Stan was absolutely malignancy free.

How was this possible? Did Stan’s tumor bite the dust because of the cannabis and coconut oil treatment? Possibly. He also did chemotherapy and radiation treatment at the same time.

How can it work?

Yet, there are some clues that the cannabinoids found in cannabis can deliver positive outcomes against significant infections like cancerous growth.

Coconut oil has an impact too. Cannabinoids are dissolvable in the unsaturated fats of coconut oil. Coconut oil is easily devoured and processed by the liver. Coconut oil is a perfect binding agent for the THC and CBD in cannabis. It is the THC and CBD’s in the cannabis that are the powerful ingredients containing the powerful healing powers attributed to cannabis.

In all likeliness the combination of cannabis and coconut oil is so compelling because cannabinoids are known to battle cancerous growth. The combination with the coconut oil gives the body a bucket load of lauric acid.

Your body transforms the lauric acid into monolaurin. Monolaurin is a antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal compound.

Any cancer patient can attest to the fact that chemotherapy and radiation shuts down your immune system. In fact, there are reports saying that the chemotherapy / radiation therapy shortens patient’s lives instead of prolonging it.

A report published by the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) on 13 November 2008 has raised concerns about the use of cancer therapy to treat patients close to the end of life. In a study of more than 600 cancer patients who died within 30 days of receiving chemotherapy, the treatment was found to have probably caused or hastened death in 27% of cases.

Link to the source: NCEPOD report highlights concerns over chemotherapy

So this combination of coconut oil and cannabis could possibly have spared his life while the treatments did their work.

The video on YouTube

Below is a link to the youtube video in which Stan Rutner is talking about his story.


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